Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Economy and its Affect on My Wine Selections

With the economy as dark as Darth Vadar's heart, I've recently been hearing from our Trader Joe's wine customers how they are seeking less expensive, quality wines.  To that end, I've compiled some excellent wine varietals for your consideration.  Almost all are under $10 but still offer high quality.

Pinot Noir:  I'm enamored with the two Castle Rock pinots at Trader Joe's, both priced at $9.99. The California Cuvee is lighter in color and texture with more strawberry aromas.  The Mendocino County is darker, has more viscosity, darker fruit, and generally, is more intense. But I really appreciate both and the price is fantastic!  Both of these are designated as a "Tom's Choice."

Merlot:  The Cellar No.8 at $7.99 is unbelievable.  It has a slight edge and some personality. It's not one of those soft, flabby merlots.  Nope, this one is a hunk.  Another "Tom's Choice."

Cabernet Sauvignon: The Stonehedge Cab at $12.99 is in danger of being arrested for felonious assault because it is "kick-ass!"  It's huge with 15.5% alcohol, yet it's not hot, just very intense with tannins and lots of black fruit, especially, black currant.  I think that this cab is one of the best at TJ's for less than $20.  

Chardonnay: If you prefer some butter, try the Novella Chardonnay, bottled by EOS in Paso Robles, at $5.99 a bottle.  If you prefer a Chardonnay that's a little crisper and cleaner, go with the Sterling Vintner's at $8.99.  I think you'll be pleased.

Syrah:  Castoro Cellars,  a Paso Robles winery, offers a  Reserve Syrah at $9.99 a bottle,  It's a fantastic wine value.  Also, at TJ's Ventura, it's a "Tom's Choice." This wine is rich in color and has lots of spice and black pepper.  

Go to Trader's and check out some of these wines.  You'll be glad that you did.


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At December 5, 2008 at 4:14 PM , Blogger Abigail Adams said...

Hi Tom da Wine Guy! I like your upbeat and informative site. I am very glad you are not Tom da Whine Guy!
Say. I know this is not perhaps exactly up your valley, but could you recommend a good non-alkie red, white, sparkling and beerus for a person's earus?
I can't drink alcohol any more, but am tired of being left out of toasts and party fun. Thanks, Wine Guy!


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