Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Wine Suggestions

One week until Thanksgiving when we sit down with family and friends to enjoy a turkey with all the trimmings. Of course, some wine will be desired, if not required. My offerings are simple, affordable, and will pair favorably with turkey.

A favorite RED for turkey is Pinot Noir and there are two Castle Rock wines that will work. First is the "Mendecino County" version and the other is the "California Cuvee." If poured side by side, the Cuvee is lighter in color, softer in the mouth and more fruity, with strawberry aromas and taste. The Mendecino is darker, has more mouth feel and is less fruity, but still offers raspberry and cherry flavors. I like both but prefer the Mendecino. Both are $9.99 a bottle.

For WHITE wines, Chardonnay always works well with turkey. Even "buttery" Chard goes well with the Butterball turkey, the buttered green beans, and the mashed potatoes. Several of the buttery Chards are Wild Horse at $11.99, Markham at $11.99, and Bonterra at $10.99. Bogle and Sterling each at $8.99 are crisper, cleaner and more acidic, and J Lohr at $10.99 is also clean and crisp. The French White Burgundy, Macon-Villages, is a great Chardonnay at $11.99 and is very typical of a white Burgundy; very crisp and clean with heightened acidity, which is excellent when paired with food.

If Sauvignon Blanc is more to your liking then try a lighter Fume Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc) such as Ferrari-Carano at $12.99 or the Castoro Cellars at $5.99.For those of you who prefer some sweetness, try the French Lacheteau Vouvray, which is Chenin Blanc, and offers mild sweetness at $5.99.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!! And enjoy the wine, whatever you may select.

Tom Da Wine Guy


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