Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Really HOT Trader Joe's Wine Tip

First, I apologize for not posting photos of the wines but with the need "improved" Google format, they say you can upload your photos from an Android phone or an iPhone.  I have an iPhone.  Google doesn't like iPhones so it's impossible (for a non-tech person like myself) to get an app that assists.

Anyway, the hot tip is for Earthstone Chardonnay for $3.99 a bottle!  This was originally bottled by Rodney Strong, yes, Rodney Strong for a TJ competitor but they're pricing didn't work and the program collapsed.  In comes TJ's to the rescue!  We bought it all.  It normally sells for $13 a bottle but you can get it starting today for $3.99 a bottle.  I went to our store and tasted it....bought a case!

By the way, it's only available to CA stores so sorry about the rest of the country and all my follower in Hungary.  Of course, in Hungary, they don't have a Trader Joe's, Maybe a Trader Jozsef...?

Tom da Wine Guy


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