Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SUPER Special Wine to Buy!!!

Race to your nearest Trader Joe's and grab at LEAST one bottle of Lost Sonnet 2007 Meritage.  It's $9.99 a bottle at TJ's but under its own label (which will remain anonymous) it's $65.00 a bottle!!!  Yes, I said $65 a bottle that you can buy at TJ's for $9.99.  That's a saving of $55 a bottle.  So, if you buy a case, you'll save $660!!!  Tell your wife or husband that you just saved $660 and reap the rewards!!!  They'll be so proud of you.  But HURRY, this stuff doesn't last long.  Run, run, run!

Tom da Wine Guy


At May 8, 2011 at 9:25 PM , Blogger Michael said...

Tom, per your suggestion I grabbed a couple Lost Sonnets and opened one with my parents in Ojai. Even though I decanted the bottle, I allowed barely 12 minutes before I dug into it: the wine was every bit as delicious as you had led me to believe. Unfortunately, upon my return to Massachusetts, I immediately purchased one at the Cambridge store and at first sip I was affronted by the tart opening and disappointed in a poorly integrated body. I noticed in your post above you declare a 2007 vintage. Sadly, mine reads 2008 and it doesn't even come close to the experience I enjoyed in Ventura. Looks like the East Coast TJs got saddled with a bad batch. Sincerly, Michael Fiorentino - store 502


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